Now you can be a part of our residence club fractional ownership program.

Each fraction purchased qualifies you to up the level of your club status, starting at silver with one fraction, gold with two, and platinum with three fractions. This entitles you to larger benefits like free or discounted golf, guest rates and access to all Private Property Resorts worldwide, and special offers from our partners. The Private Property management company will release you from the day to day stress of running your new villa through our well structured rental pool affording your new investment room to grow and mature giving you peace of mind that extreme care is being taken to maintain the quality and uphold the value of your investment. Private Property will always retain one thirteenth of the total shares indicating our confidence and commitment in keeping this exclusive resort to the highest standards and only awarding shares to the most deserving shareholders.

Benefits: Capital growth - Options to sell and transfer - Flexibility to swap weeks or months - Rental income.