About Us


Swingtime Golf publishes golf magazines worldwide distributed in 22 countries.  Swingtime Golf is also a worldwide leader in the sale of executive golf vacations at exclusive destinations throughout the world.  Through Swingtime Golf Mauritius, Swingtime Golf Travel, and Market Info Direct we provide a complete package of business marketing, property ownership, investment, rewards, and travel services that are available through our exclusive membership programs.
While golf has long been recognized as a valuable networking tool in business, the value of golf in the creation of business opportunities and as a supreme media and PR tool has not been practically exploited to its vast potential. To this end, a section of the magazine is devoted to business, where the involvement of great worldwide business people in golf are profiled as well as the role of golf in business.
Golf around the world has an untapped mine of talented, yet neglected golfers. At Swingtime Golf Magazine we are focused on drawing attention to these potentially great golfers by raising the awareness of the incredible golfing talent that exists outside of the professional tours.
Golf is also increasingly becoming a sport that appeals to the entire family, due to the growth in the markets of female and youth golf, and we are reaching out across the gender and age divide to inform, entertain and educate. While our aim is to produce an entertaining, informative and educational magazine, we believe that by adopting this all-inclusive wide-focused approach we can effectively promote the cause of golf development at all levels while appealing to a wide range of readers.
As a result of these readers diverse social and economic backgrounds, scores would live or aspire to live on golf estates. Many would be interested in playing different golf courses either on vacation or on specific golfing trips. These people are typically trendsetters, opinion-makers, and influencers on society and the work place.
Middle to high income individuals including golf and other professionals, entrepreneurs, CEOs, company managers, and public service managers, who are the decision makers of companies classically have an interest in golf as a game and as a networking tool.
The editorial mix has been designed to pay credence to the magazine's mission statement taking into account its target market and its characteristics and will therefore feature topics such as business (in golf), golf development, youth, women, lifestyle, technical aspects of golf, golf venues, entertainment, golf equipment and accessories, golfing holidays, providing interesting and lively information and comment for the whole family.