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To save even more and have access to enhanced services, Swingtime Golf USA provides yearly membership packages.  Each membership level provides an additional discount off of our already low package prices.



PREMIUM membership*

$1500 initial & $150/mo


25 Membership Cards

25 event participants

15% discount on packages

Discounts on spas  

Discounts on reciprocated golf courses

All necessary logistics

Chauffeur service (within 15 miles) of property

10% discount on advertising

15% discount on podcast media



PLATINUM membership*

$1000 initial & $100/mo


10 Membership Cards

20 event participants

10% discount on packages

All necessary logistics

Chauffeur service (within 15 miles) of property

7.5% discount on advertising

10% discount on podcast media



GOLD membership*

$750 initial & $75/mo


5 Membership Cards

12 event participants

7.5% discount on packages

5% discount on advertising

5% discount on podcast media



SILVER membership*

$500 initial & $50/mo


8 event participants

5% discount on packages

2.5% discount on advertising

2.5% discount on podcast media



CLASSIC membership*

$250 initial & $25/mo


4 event participants

2.5% discount on packages



*For consideration of the full payment and submission of this Swingtime Golf USA, LLC Subscription Agreement by ordering, the "Member" hereby subscribes and applies for a Swingtime Golf USA, LLC Membership, as further defined and described in the Terms and Conditions. The Swingtime Golf USA, LLC Membership is subject to the terms of this Subscription Agreement, the Swingtime Golf USA, LLC Terms and Conditions, and the Swingtime Golf USA, LLC Privacy Policy.


The duration of the Membership is the twelve (12) month period described in your Certificate of Membership which will be delivered electronically via email. The Membership fee is an initial fee + monthly fee.  Membership automatically renews on the anniversary date for subsequent twelve (12) month Membership Terms by payment of the then-applicable Annual Membership Renewal Fee which may change from time to time, but will remain 75% of the initial fee.