Frank Befera

- Director of Information Technology & Corporate Golf Events

Just hit the ball

Director of I.T. & Corporate Golf Events

Frank has extensive experience in radio, sports marketing, cable television, technology, banking, and law over the past 27 years.

As a radio station owner, Frank built and operated a number of stations in the Midwestern US. He built Radio USA, Country Music’s Best Programmed Station of the year in 1999 and 2000 ( In his capacity as Director of Corporate Golf Events, Frank will be using his experience in broadcasting to produce and voice-over Podcasted events, host golf shows, and emcee awards ceremonies.

In the mid 1990′s Frank designed and built one of the first HFC Cable networks in the US and went on to launch the first commercially available high-speed cable modem service in the US. He also developed the first true video on demand (VOD) system in the US in partnership with Silicon Graphics and Scientific Atlanta. He later went on to market a turnkey data solution for cable operators throughout North America. His success has been rewarded as the recipient of the Joel Labovitz Start-Up Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

Over the last decade Frank has applied his extensive breadth of business acumen into finance and sports marketing.

Through his companies, Frank has financed thousands of business and residential real estate transactions and conducted a host of golf and concert events, launching new brands and forging lasting partnerships.

Frank is a winning professional race car driver, zero handicap bowler, and continues to improve his golf game. One day he may even beat the CEO.

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